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Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Platinum Finish Classic Rollerball Pen 163. http://t.co/LNwQlP2O52 I've owned this pen for about 5 years now. It is a delightful writing instrument, and is a pleasure to use. Unfortunately, the tip of the barrel has cracked (like many others I am learning.) I did not abuse this pen in any way. The worst that has happened to it is falling onto a carpeted floor. I believe this is a design flaw, as the resin (plastic) casing is very thin and delicate. I think just putting the cap on the back of the pen too tightly can crack the barrel. I called Mont Blanc for a repair estimate. They said that I would need to send in the pen and wait for an estimate by return mail. When I pressed the issue, the representative estimated that the cost would be approximately $80. $80 to replace a flimsy plastic barrel? Everyone knows that the high price of a mont blanc is for the brand and status, not the materials. I have already paid the $300 'status' fee for the pen. To gouge me for repairs on what is clearly a poorly designed product is too much. I will not send the pen in for repairs, and I will not ever purchase a Mont Blanc again. While the pen is a wonderful writing instrument, I suggest you look elsewhere. Check around the web and you will see that many people have had the same experience as me. Don't spend $300 on what is clearly a 'disposable' pen. "Reviews Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Platinum"