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Order your copy today! http://sennentuntschi-movie.com/ About Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps The Swiss Alps in 1975: in a remote mountain village, a woman of wild beauty appears as if from nowhere. The village policeman Reusch is the only one who openly approaches the mute woman in an attempt to find out who she is. It becomes apparent that she has traveled from Höhenalp, where Alpine herdsmen do unimaginable things to attract female company and thus combat their solitude. An affliction that would rather have remained undiscovered gradually comes to light and a story of desire, madness and murder jeopardizes the village's apparent idyll. It is the beginning of a nightmare filled with sanctimonious madness, hypocrisy, abuse and demonism that threatens to end the dreams of two lovers and drag the whole village into the abyss.