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Montblanc presents the Making-Of of the John Lennon Online Special. To create a sound that truly honours and commemorates the great artist John Lennon, musician and sound designer Markus Loeber showed strong effort and passion to find the original Beatles instruments. After the recording in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, UK as well as in the Roncalli Circus, 20 songs -- John Lennon pieces as well as individual interpretations -- were combined to create the distinguished mood in the Online Special referring to the inspiring personality John Lennon. Since 2010, Montblanc is celebrating the legendary musician and his enduring spirit with Montblanc´s John Lennon Limited Editions. The artistically designed writing instruments, reflect John Lennon's iconic status as well as his extraordinary vision for music and art. We invite you to discover this outstanding edition as well as Montblanc's cultural engagement to support John Lennon's legacy via http://world.montblanc.com/john_lennon/