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The Haute Route trek in the Alps from Chamonix to Zermatt is waiting for you! Make sure you are prepared with the right maps to make it the perfect adventure. Buy your maps before you go at http://www.alpenwild.com/maps. Video Transcript: Hiking the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt in the Alps is a spectacular mountain trek. If you’ve ever dreamed of hiking in the Alps, then you’ll definitely want to join us on the Haute Route. And if you’re thinking of doing it on a self-guided basis, you probably have some questions on route planning and navigation where we can help. Today we are going to tackle the most common questions that people have about route finding and navigation on the Haute Route. Most of the paths on the Haute Route have been in use for centuries by farmers and traders. In general the traveling is well marked and on widely used trails and so navigation shouldn’t be a major concern if you plan your route carefully and pay attention along the way. Because the valleys are aligned north and south, I find the navigation is pretty intuitive on the Haute Route. Still, if you are going on a self-guided basis, you should take a compass and maps and know how to use them before you arrive in the Alps. On the Haute Route you will find two types of way marking. The first is a set of red and white flashes that are painted on rocks along the way. The second are yellow metal signposts that have the names of major landmarks such as a pass, a hut, or a lake. They also give an estimated time to the destination. I have found these times to be quite accurate for two hikers moving along at a steady pace. If you are hiking on the Haute Route on a self-guided basis, planning is essential. Each evening, plan out the next day’s route carefully. With a map in one hand and a guide book in the other, read through the route descriptions and mark the routes on the maps. Now the resources that I recommend. The standard guidebook is Chamonix to Zermatt: The Walker’s Haute Route by Kev Reynolds from Cicerone Press. Buy it before you leave because you are not going to find it on the trail. Now the maps that are produced by Switzerland Federal Topographic office are some of the finest in the world. Each one is a work of art and they are essential in hiking the Haute Route. We have all those maps and guidebooks on the website and of course if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. This is Greg Witt with Alpenwild. See you on the trail.